OUTSTANDING CARE FOR VETERANSAt Always Best Care, we not only provide outstanding care for veterans, we also offer the resources of our partners such as Elder Benefits Consulting, to help them obtain funds to pay for the care they need. These valued partners have the expertise to guide veterans and surviving spouses through the maze of obtaining VA benefits including the Veteran Administration’s Aid and Attendance Pension.

VA Disability Programs

There are two specific types of VA disability programs:

Service Connected Compensation
This program compensates veterans for their theoretical loss of earnings based on injuries or disabilities incurred as a direct result of active duty military service or from a pre-existing medical condition aggravated by active duty. Disabilities are rated between 0-100% depending on the degree to which ability to work is impacted. Any period of military service is acceptable and there are no financial eligibility requirements. VA disability programs with special monthly benefits can pay for 20-50% or more of the average cost of long-term care for eligible veterans or their surviving spouses.

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Non-Service Connected Pension
This program covers disabilities that have no relationship whatsoever to active duty military service. However, the veteran must have had qualifying active duty military service with a minimum of one day during a period of war or conflict. Pension is also based on financial need; however, in many cases all unreimbursed, regular, prospective medical expenses (including long-term care costs) are deductible from income when determining income and need. Qualified veterans must be over the age of 65 and/or unable to hold “substantially gainful employment.”

Both of these programs have provisions for assisting the un-remarried surviving spouses of qualified veterans.

Special Monthly Benefits
Special monthly benefits may also apply for veterans or qualified spouses who are housebound or in the need of the regular Aid & Attendance of another person due to their disabilities.

Retroactive, Accrued and Burial Benefits
Under specific conditions, the VA may award a retroactive eligibility date for benefits prior to the date when the veteran became 100% disabled. Benefits that were due and payable before the death of the veteran can be paid to the family as accrued benefits to reimburse out of pocket care and final expenses. Burial benefits may be applied to help with the costs of a qualified veteran’s funeral. The VA will also furnish an engraved headstone or plaque for eligible veterans.