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Aging in Place Dangers and Remedies

Many of our aging loved ones would prefer to live at home as long as possible. Remaining in this familiar territory among loved ones helps the individual stay connected to the past and present. However, staying at home increases the risk accidents and injury. To make living at home safer for aging loved ones, you will need to […]


Swift Action Can Delay Progression of Glaucoma

Did you know Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness? Did you know if diagnosed and treated immediately, there is a great chance of delaying the progression of this disease?  Early detection is very important and allows the medical team to use various treatments to save patients’ remaining vision. One available treatment for glaucoma, that stops its progression, […]


Life’s a Garden – Dig It

For many older adults, gardening has been a lifelong hobby, especially for those who grew up planting “victory gardens” to aid the war effort. But many seniors worry that they will have to give up gardening as they get older and cannot easily bend, kneel and squat to dig, weed and prune. For others, moving to an apartment/condo means the […]