Senior Community Checklist

Residential senior communities take a variety of forms, from independent living to assisted living communities providing a wide spectrum of supportive living environments. Community living arrangements provide valuable social interactions through participation in recreational activities appropriate to residents’ physical and cognitive abilities.

If you’ve decided that a senior living community is the right choice for you or someone you care for, this checklist will help you assess each community. We’re also available to assist you in finding the right community to meet your needs; please contact us for a free care consultation. Download checklist here.


  • How many living units are in the community?
  • Where is the community located?
  • What sizes and types of units are offered?
  • Do the units have kitchens or kitchenettes?
  • Are all rooms private?
  • Are bathrooms private?
  • Does the residence offer memory or Alzheimer’s care units?
  • What security is provided relative to memory-impaired residents?
  • What kinds of activities and services are available to residents? (Social, spiritual, business)
  • Is the community clean? Are stairs and hallways well-lit and exits well marked?
  • Do the staff and residents seem cheerful?
  • Are rooms large enough for residents’ needs?
  • Are there enough common areas, such as dens and living rooms?


  • Are additional services available on the same campus if a resident’s needs change?
  • Is the living area held if the resident is hospitalized? If yes, is there a discounted rate?
  • Can residents choose their own doctors, therapists, or pharmacies?
  • Under what conditions would a resident have to leave the community?
  • How frequently are personal services provided and what do extra services cost?
  • When and where are meals served? How many meals are provided daily?
  • Does the contract address levels of care, and who determines the levels of care?
  • Are there services for each level of care?
  • Are linens/laundry provided?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • Is furniture provided by the community or the resident?


  • How does the community bill for services? Entrance fee? Monthly fees? Security deposit and policy?
  • What utilities and services are included in the monthly fees?
  • What if a resident runs out of money?