Keeping the ‘Care’ in Healthcare

Keeping the ‘Care’ in Healthcare

At Always Best Care Metrowest we have a personal touch. Many home care companies promise to care for your aging loved one. The promises are endless, but are they upheld?

We are so lucky at Always Best Care Metrowest to have local people present and committed to spending their time truly caring for your loved one. As we all know, this winter was a very difficult one in New England. When families live far apart, they rely on caregivers for the support of their loved ones. When the weather is bad, the worry intensifies. We are so proud to say this winter has set us apart. Read the stories below and you’ll understand our passion for caregiving.

“We are caring for a hospice client with Parkinson’s, where we provide 12 hour care 9p-9a. This is an awake shift caring for our client who is declining rapidly.  His family is, understandably, very anxious about coverage as their mom is unable to care for their dad. With an impending storm causing much difficulty for our home health aids to travel safely, we were challenged in providing care as the client could not be be left unattended. Our scheduled home health aid could not get her car out, and Howard Goldstein offered to drive her himself knowing the importance of coverage for our client. Howard went out in the storm last night at 7:30, picked up our home health aid in Framingham and drove her to the client’s residence in Chestnut Hill. He then returned this morning to drive her back home. Our ABC team feels proud and lucky to have Howard as this is a prime example of how we separate ourselves by this very personal touch!”

Or from Blizzard Juno…

“We are always thinking of our clients. To stay ahead of the impending storm and possible complications we worked Sunday night to schedule an emergency meeting for first thing Monday morning. At this meeting we discussed our clients and ensured proper coverage. One of our nurses anticipated a potentially dangerous medication issue. She noticed an important prescription was due to be filled during the blizzard. Thankfully, our amazing nurse Jen came up with a solution until the blizzard passed. Her solution managed the medication as well as the emotional well-being of a nervous client.”

Does your care provider pay attention in times like these? Make it your business to know. Our team at Always Best Care Metrowest would love to meet you and help you through this challenging time.